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XBOX Hard Drive Upgrades: lready programmed harddrives so that you can simply stick them in your Xbox and they're ready to go. So here they are - basically prepared so that you can simply open your Xbox, remove the cables to the hard drive, take it out and replace it with ours, plug the cables back in and put the Xbox lid back on. NOTE: You Must have a chip later than Xecuter 1 - if you don't then let us know when you order and we can reconfigure. Depending on the drive size you go for you'll then have plenty of room to backup all the games you legally own and simply run them from the harddrive. Software installed on harddrive - Your Xbox will then boot up with the Evo X dashboard and have boxplorer (file management), ph loader (easily load games to your harddrive), DVD X (watch multiregion DVD's, VCDS and SVCDS).

This release fixes a setup bug on Windows 2000 and solves a problem with online source code editor. Obliquid is a PHP/XML application framework for building groupware Web portals. It is like Lego bricks for the Web. Each brick is a software component that may be composed with others to build an Internet application. It has a core allowing users to build pages using templates blocks, with full multilingual support and themes. It also has a users/groups/operation module, a calendar, a content management and a project management for bids based work. (0 comments)
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